Direct Support Level 1

Division: Youth Family and Community Service
Department: TTLP
Hours: Part-Time Flexible
Application Deadline: August 3, 2017


1. High school diploma or equivalency
2. Some experience in human service field


1. Effective written and observational skills
2. Good interpersonal skills
3. Ability to work with team approach
3. Ability to work with people at different functioning levels
4. Good problem solving skills
5. Ability to accommodate flexible work schedule
6. Familiar with computer programs (e.g. Work, Excel)
7. The ability to climb stairs, bend, stoop, sit, stand, reach and lift items weighing up to 40 lbs.
8. Ability to legally operate a vehicle in NY State

1. Writing or assisting in writing reports and documenting
individual progress
2. Participate in team planning meetings and case reviews
3. Teach/assist in developing/maintaining ADL skills
4. Act as a role model
5. Perform routine site household maintenance and upkeep
6. Assist in teaching self-medication skills, utilization of health services and proper nutrition
7. Administer/supervise medications and/or treatments as per doctor’s
8. Provide lift, transfer, and assistance with range of motion exercises as needed
9. Plan, coordinate and assist individuals in identifying personal recreational interests
10. Provide appropriate support to meet individual needs
11. Plan/prepare meals as needed
12. Maintain case records and provide documentation according to program standards
13. Intervene appropriately to assist in crisis management
14. Understand and follow all program policies and procedures
15. Report all household or resident sensitive situations to supervisor
16. Participate in and successfully complete all required staff training and development activities
17. Maintain personal property lists
18. Participate in intake and discharge planning
19. Assist individuals in the development of decision-making skills
20. Communicate with other service providers
21. Provide transportation as needed
22. Assist individuals in accessing community services
23. Represent the Agency and program in the community and with other service providers
24. Establish relationship with all residents and families as appropriate
25. Regular and substantial contact with individuals receiving support
26. Perform other related tasks as directed by supervisor