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2022 Catholic Charities of Broome County Annual Report

Leave a Legacy

Our Mission

The Mission of Catholic Charities of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse is to empower people in need to transform their lives. We strive to reflect God’s love and compassion in all that we do.


This annual report is dedicated to Dick Rex, our first Four Seasons Clubhouse Director who first came to Catholic Charities as a shared staff from the Binghamton Psychiatric Center. Dick was known for his fierce advocacy on behalf of those with a serious mental illness and for support of their talents and potential as they found a place to belong in being members of the Club. As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Four Seasons in 2023, we remember him with fondness and are grateful for his legacy.

Dear Community Members

When Msgr. Joe Toomey started Catholic Charities of Broome County in 1937 with its first $8,000 budget, little would he know that he began a gift to our community that now spans more than 85 years.

From inception to present, thousands of people have been helped in our community through food, housing, and basic necessities as well as through services like counseling, care management, mental health treatment and community support.

Through the years the agency has been an ever evolving organization that continually responds to current needs, whether it be assisting people to move out of poverty, preventing homelessness, helping people with mental illness and addictions on the road to recovery or providing individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities with a home. Keeping families together through crises, helping youth move successfully into adulthood and offering seniors a way to continue to give back to their community are all program themes that are engrained in many of our services.

Starting in 2020, Catholic Charities maintained its presence in the community throughout the pandemic and recovery; indeed it has been active in disasters such as the floods of 2006 and 2011 and the American Civic Association tragedy of 2009. Wherever those most in need gather, there will you find the staff, volunteers and board of Catholic Charities, along with its faithful donors and supporters.

We are most fortunate and grateful for the vision of Msgr. Toomey and the legacy he left that is Catholic Charities.

Lori Accardi
Executive Director

Year In Review

After ten years of developing Encompass into an adult Health Home serving thousands of adults and children, a move was made to join four other lead Health Homes under Health Homes of Upstate NY in accessing managed services operations. This strengthened our ability to serve adults and broadened HHUNY’s ability to expand in serving children.

In February 2022, the Broome County Public Library Peer Support Partnership was developed. With generous support from the Conrad and Virginia Klee Foundation and the Friends of the Broome County Public Library, Catholic Charities of Broome County has partnered with the Library to provide 39 hours of peer support per week in the Library’s Public Lounge. Whether it be connecting patrons to the services and resources they need, or just providing a cup of coffee and a friendly game of Monopoly, our peer counselors are there to draw on their own life experience and process of recovery in order to serve those in need.

A variety of efforts were implemented to support our workforce including longevity and retention bonuses and a four day work week pilot. We continue to work on ways to support our staff through promoting a positive culture and quality of work/personal life balance.

In June we celebrated our 85th anniversary by recognizing businesses and organizations for their support of the Catholic Charities mission.

  • Outstanding Service Awards to a Business
    • M&T Bank
    • Matco Electric Corporation
    • Mirabito Energy Products
    • Walsh Family/Walsh Family Foundation
  • Outstanding Service Awards to a Media Partner
    • WBNG TV
    • White Knight Productions

In late 2022, we began to work on a plan to offer our donors more tools to consider in making legacy gifts, including bequests, IRA rollovers, donor advised funds, stock transfers and use of other instruments such as charitable remainder trusts. Learn more about Planned Giving by visiting our new website at

Plan Your Legacy

Donors support Catholic Charities in many ways, through donations, in dedicating the proceeds of benefit events to various programs, in volunteering their time and talent and by being good will ambassadors of the work and mission of the agency.

Another way to provide support is to consider leaving a legacy gift. Much as Msgr. Toomey started the agency as a seedling which grew to serve thousands of people over the years, your gift through your estate, retirement assets, stocks and bonds or donor advised funds can be mutually beneficial to you as a tax benefit while assuring the longevity of the agency over the next 100 years.

We look forward to providing you with information and tools to help you consider this option in 2023.

Celebrating 100 Years

It has been 100 years since Catholic Charities was first established in the Syracuse Diocese. As the Most Rev. Daniel J. Curley, third Bishop of Syracuse proposed when Catholic Charities was created:

"What is proposed is the creation of an organization which will be prepared to do all those things in the field of Charity which should be done, but which parishes acting alone cannot perform. It is to the organization suggested by the name – The Bishop’s House of Charity – to which the Diocese can confidently turn."

Throughout the year, each area will celebrate by sharing information on its services, culminating in a special Mass and reception in the fall of 2023.

A NY state map of Catholic Charities in the Syracuse Diocese, highlighting the following counties: Broome, Chenango, Cortland, Onondaga, Oneida, Madison and Oswego.
Residential Services

Our Residential Services stabilize and empower participants to ensure their recovery and long-term wellness. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Individualized residential services designed to meet the unique clinical and daily living needs of individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Housing levels (transitional to permanent) assisting adults with mental illness in successful community integration
  • assistance obtaining & furnishing an apartment
  • rental assistance
  • support and advocacy with landlords

For more information about Residential Services, call 723-1804 or visit

Individuals Served at Residential Services; Total = 353; Intermediate Care Facility = 12; Individualized Residential Alternative = 33; Supported Housing = 266; Certified Apartments = 42

Certified Apartment Program: Learning Skills for Independence

Youth, Family, Community Services


Our Youth, Family, Community Services create opportunities and conditions in youth, families, communities and parishes which ensure the health, welfare and productivity of all. Some of the services we offer include:

  • basic necessities of food and clothing
  • long-term and short-term counseling to individuals, couples and families
  • aid in preventing onset or progression of behavioral health conditions
  • apartments for homeless/runaway youth, with supports to transition successfully to adulthood
  • senior programs for managing arthritis, osteoporosis and chronic disease
  • peer advocates with lived-experience

For more information about Youth, Family, Community Services, call 584-7800 or visit

Total individuals served by Youth, Family, Community Services = 43,681; Jack O’Rourke Family Counseling Program = 251; Gateway Center for Youth = 194; Functional Family Therapy = 298; Children and Family Treatment Support Services = 194; Children's Home a

Family Peer Advocate: A Mother’s Love

Linda began working with her Family Peer Advocate (FPA) while her son was hospitalized at GBHC. Her FPA assisted with helping her connect with services upon his hospital discharge. Linda’s son struggled with attending school, leaving the home and not wanting his mother to leave the house due to his anxiety. Her son would go to school for about 1 hour a day and then needed to come home to be with his mother.

Linda was very involved and worked very hard at assisting her son transition home and return to school. Linda and her FPA worked together to develop natural supports that her son felt comfortable being left with and over time Linda was able to extend periods of time away from her son and as his anxiety lessened he was able to attend school for the day. Linda was willing to do whatever it took to support her son, was easy to communicate with and she followed up on any suggestions that were made.

Over the course of the time that her FPA worked to support her and get to know her, it became clear that she had so many strengths in how she parented all three of her children, all with different needs and personalities. She advocated strongly for them and encouraged them to follow their own paths and utilize their strengths.

Linda also worked hard at identifying and working towards her own goals, one of which was to obtain a job where she would find fulfillment and purpose. Linda’s FPA identified for her that she had the skills necessary to help other parents advocate for their children and could support other parents during their journey to get their children’s needs met. She was excited at the prospect of becoming a Family Peer Advocate, applied and went through the interview process and was hired. She is now able to use her strengths and experience to assist and support other parents in advocating for their children. Linda is now a co-worker in the Youth Family and Community Services Division.

Mental Health Services

Our Mental Health Services provide supportive environments which enhance the development of independent living skills. Some of the services we offer include:

  • home visits and medication monitoring
  • peer support groups
  • support to obtain and sustain integrated, competitive employment
  • assistance with budgeting, money management, and payment of bills
  • social, wellness, and educational activities

One of the newest programs we’re offering is the Library Peer Project. In partnership with the Broome County Public Library, we’re providing a safe space for individuals to receive support. Learn more about this program in the video below.

For more information about Mental Health Services, call 723-9991 or visit

Mental Health Services total served = 1,170; Library Peer Project = 50; Transportation = 161; Four Seasons = 53; Drop-in Center/Consumer Advocacy = 119; Protective Services for Adults = 447; Representative Payee Services = 248; Assisted Competitive Employ

Library Peer Project: A First in New York State

Community Health Services

In the third quarter of 2022, we saw the closure of the Encompass Adult Lead Health Home officially on 8/31/22. This marked the end of an era for Catholic Charities operating and administering adult health home services in Broome and surrounding counties. These services were provided through the partnering with other local human services agencies, and collaboratively serving low income adults with serious mental illness and chronic health conditions.

This model, mainly overseen by NYS DOH, proved to be inadequately supported financially for Lead Health Homes with lower enrollment numbers under approximately 6,000 members. Despite heroic efforts being made and the DOH approval being received to expand enrollment and coverage areas, unfortunately the impact of COVID shutdowns were deeper and longer than the agency could endure. Efforts to expand were stymied by the inability to connect with community providers and develop new relationships and contracts outside the Broome County area.

Despite this closure, the underlying program of Health Home care management continues to operate and has proven to be a strong and viable service for both the agency and local community. This program was developed originally over 30 years ago due to the agency staff commitment and expertise in serving adults with serious mental illness. The program continues today, now three times its original size, with renewed dedication to the most marginalized individuals in our community – and this continues to be the underlying strength of the program.

Notable challenges to providing these services, which have been significantly exacerbated due to COVID shutdowns, include a low income housing crisis wherein there are not enough apartments for the individuals who are in need of housing, and an increase in substance use addictions and overdoses. These challenges create additional roadblocks in members achieving stability with their wellness goals and care managers’ ability to assist them in that process. The program model does allow for some high need individuals to receive more intensive services.

For more information about Community Health Services, call 723-9991 or visit

We also have a new office in Canal Plaza! Visit 435 State Street Binghamton, NY 13901 or call 607-677-0523

Community Health total served = 956; Adult Care Management = 891; Non-Medicaid Care Management = 48; InShape = 17

Adult Care Management: A Successful Graduate

When Tim started working with Catholic Charities Adult Health Home Care Management he spent his money compulsively and was unable to manage his finances independently. He had no relationship with his daughter and was depressed and bitter about his divorce.

Since working with Catholic Charities, Tim has connected to medical, mental/ behavioral health as well as a specialist provider to address ongoing medical issues. His symptoms are being monitored and managed by providers.

Tim attends all his appointments and willingly follows provider’s recommendations. He has affordable safe housing and his social service benefits in place. Tim also manages his finances and budgets well. His daughter was set to be his rep-payee, but because he has done such a wonderful job budgeting, he was able to remain his own rep-payee. Tim owns a car and therefore has reliable and safe transportation.

Tim’s social support system is strong and his relationship with his daughter had improved greatly. He vacationed with her family over the summer and gets to spend time with his grandson. Tim attends the Four Seasons Club twice a week and also attends the Stepping Stones Drop In Center.

Tim continues to do the work to maintain his independence in the community and we could not be any more proud of him. He successfully graduated care management services in November 2022.

Total Revenue = $23,890,934 (40% Medicaid, 39% Government Support, 8% Other, 6% Program Fees, 5% Contributions/Fundraising, 1% United Way, 1% Diocesan); Total Expenses = $23,707,640 (50% Salaries, 16% Fringe Benefits, 10% Management, 8% Professional Fees
$86,000 was raised through the Harvest for Hunger campaign with the help of the WBNG two-night telethon and Wegmans Cash Register Drive. 3,200 turkeys were given over the holidays through baskets and local dinners with the help of our parish partners and
Looking Ahead

“Leave a Legacy” will be a main theme in 2023 as we roll out our first legacy society: Love, Hope and Service, the LHS Society. This inaugural group is being created to enlist support for Catholic Charities of Broome County so that the agency mission can be continued in the years to come. It enables people to leave a piece of themselves in this world as a way to provide a message of love, hope and service for others in need.  This society, described on our new Planned Giving website, will allow donors to expand the many ways that they can support the agency and leave their own legacy. We look forward to sharing our vision of this effort in the coming year.

Legacy of Love, Hope & Service Society

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the presence of Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Syracuse, we have issued an Art Challenge to artists throughout the diocese to submit 2D or 3D works of art with the themes of our past, present and vision for the future with a tie into Catholic Social teachings.

Award winners and all artists accepted into the competition will be invited to a Brunch Exhibition on August 20th. Selected artwork will be installed within Catholic Charities facilities.

Visit for more information.

Art Challenge

We anticipate continuing to work on how we can support our workforce, who stood so solidly behind us in making sure that services were not interrupted during COVID. As part of this effort, we will launch an Employee Engagement Committee to assist us.

In June we will hold our first in-person agency picnic and staff recognition event since 2019; we look forward to once again enjoying good food and fun as we celebrate our staff achievements.

Group photo of staff at company picnic

With thanks to our Donors

Through your generosity, you made a difference in the lives of people of all ages in our community. Children living in poverty and seniors isolated by physical challenges, families suffering from economic circumstances such as job loss and illness, people with special needs such as mental illness and developmental disabilities – all benefited because you cared enough to share your time, talent and treasure.

Business & Organization Donations


  • Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
  • United Way of Broome County


  • America’s Charities
  • Catholic Charities of The Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse
  • Most Holy Rosary Church
  • Church of the Holy Family
  • Heritage Campaign Inc.


  • BAE Systems BAE Systems
  • Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield Central NY
  • M&T Charitable Foundation
  • United Way Campaign
  • Security Mutual Life Insurance Company of NY
  • St. Ambrose Church
  • St. Joseph’s Church


  • IBM Employee Services Center
  • Johnson City Elks 2821
  • State Employees Federated Appeal


  • Auchinachie Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Bridgeware Systems, Inc.
  • Care Compass Network
  • Chemung Canal Trust Company
  • Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
  • First Presbyterian Church of Endicott, Inc.
  • Howard Hanna Real Estate
  • Knights of Columbus No 206
  • Lourdes Employee Charitable Contribution Organization
  • Micron Technology Foundation
  • Nexo Group LLC
  • SERVPRO of Broome County
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Church
  • Tioga Downs Racetrack, LLC
  • UHS Employees


  • AJQ Sports Management
  • Ancient Order of Hibernians
  • BAE Systems
  • Gentle Dental Care
  • Hibernian Parade Committee of Broome, Inc.
  • Ogden Hillcrest United Methodist Church
  • Scoville-Meno Auto Plaza
  • Slavik & Company, Inc.
  • St Francis Fraternity
  • Studer’s Body Shop & Garage
  • Triple Cities Street Rods
  • Visions Federal Credit Union


  • Broome Co. Assn. of Highway Officials
  • Endicott Sertoma Club
  • Endwell Family Physicians
  • IBM Retiree Charitable Campaign
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Magnetar Capital Foundation
  • Manning & Napier
  • Network For Good
  • The Jacob and Rose Olum Foundation
  • Tisbest Philanthropy
  • United Way Of The Southern Tier


  • Binghamton Fluorescent
  • Czechoslovak Moravian Club, Inc.
  • NYSEG Line Apprentice Class 25
  • Sam A. Lupo & Sons, Inc.
  • Substitutes United In Broome
  • The Blackbaud Giving Fund/ YourCause
  • The Learning Ladder
  • Transfiguration Monastery
  • United Way of Central New York

Individual Donations


  • Mr. & Mrs. David J. Culbertson
  • Ms. Lola F. Schumann


  • Mr. & Mrs. Jim C. Walsh


  • Mr. John R. Ingalls
  • Ms. Janet Kerstetter


  • Mr. & Mrs. Raymond F. Berchtold
  • Mr. Joe Betzenhauser
  • Ms. Elizabeth Bobik
  • Mrs. Kathryn Booth
  • Mr. Mark Bowman
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bruce W. Boyea
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Broden
  • Ms. Mary Frances H. Charsky
  • Mr. Thomas H. Collart
  • Mr. & Mrs. James R. Franz
  • Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Gold
  • Mr. J. Richard Hartigan
  • Mr. Curtis P Hartwig
  • Ms. Mary E. Kelly
  • Ms. Mary Ellen McGory
  • Mr. John McHale
  • Ms. Renee Micha
  • Ms. Kim C. Myers
  • Nestor Nestor
  • Mr. Robert Parmelee
  • Dr. & Mrs. John S. Perry
  • Ms. Lu Robbins
  • Ms. Cynthia Roma
  • Ms. Josephine A. Scanlon
  • Ms. Dorothea M. Smith
  • Mr. & Mrs. Larry Stevens
  • Mr. & Mrs. Allyn Storm
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Sweeney
  • Mrs. Kathleen Telfer
  • Mr. Ronald Vienneau
  • Ms. Annette Wiesner


  • Jessica Almy
  • Unknown Anonymous
  • Ms. Patricia Boehlert
  • Ms. Janet Bordages
  • Mr. Mark Bowman
  • Mr. Mark Buza
  • Mr. Matthew Cempa
  • Mr. Gerard Coon
  • Ms. Kathy L. Crandall
  • Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dell’Aquila
  • Mr. Joseph Donahue
  • Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Donoghue
  • Mr. & Mrs. Sally Elliott
  • Ms. Giulia Finsel
  • Mr. & Ms. John Frazier
  • Ms. Virginia Freedman
  • Mr. Richard Gasparovic
  • Mr. & Mrs. David Guy
  • Ms. Anne Healy
  • Mr. John J. Henehan Jr.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Hoke
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Hussar
  • Mr. Robert G. Mann
  • Mr. Timothy Minehan
  • Ms. Janet E Muhich
  • Mr. Braden O’Connor
  • Ms. Denise Orzel
  • Mr. & Mrs. Tam Pham
  • Ms. Kathleen Scherhaufer
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Sheehan
  • Mr. Mark Sowa
  • Mr. Vincent Stracuzzi
  • Ms. Kathleen M. Talbot
  • Ms. Margaret Tobais
  • Mr. Joseph Trepa
  • Ms. Maryan E. Wessels


  • Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Accardi
  • Mr. Nicholas Baldwin
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mike L. Benko
  • Ms. Mary Bentlage
  • Ms. Susan Bretscher
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Brown
  • Ms. Raylene Byce
  • Mr. & Mrs. Pat Carbone
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Cargill
  • Ms. Mary Ann Connor
  • Ms. Eileen Corey
  • Ms. Marie A. Davenport
  • Ms. Debbie DeNinis
  • Mr. & Mrs. David Fawns
  • Mr. & Mrs Doug Fett
  • Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Fett
  • Mr. Owen Fitzgerald
  • Mr. August Garufy
  • Ms. Jean Gasper
  • Mr. Dr Francis & Mrs Joyce Gilroy M.D.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gomulka
  • Mr. Joseph F. Kilmer
  • Mr. Jeffrey Largue
  • Mr. & Mrs. William M. Marsh
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. McMahon
  • Mr. & Mrs. James Means
  • Mr. Sergio Porcari
  • Reverend John Putano
  • Mr. & Mrs. Luis R. Roberto
  • Ms. Sally Saracino
  • Mr. & Mrs. George Scherer
  • Mr. Tyler Shelepak
  • Mr. James Showalter
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Slavik
  • Ms. Carol Thayne
  • Mr. John VanBroderick
  • Ms. Lauren Vienneau
  • Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Yale
  • Ms. Rachael Zandt
  • Ms. Annamary Zappia


  • Mr. & Mrs. Paul Adams
  • Deacon Adeolu Ademoyo
  • Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. Alfonsetti
  • Mr. & Mrs. Wesley E. Allen
  • Ms. Melissa Andres
  • Mr. Ronald Babcock
  • Mr. Louis Barba
  • Ms. Andrea M Barbis
  • Ms. Melissa Bartholomew
  • Ms. Marilena Benko
  • Mr. Richard S. Blumm
  • Mr. Michael L. Bradley
  • Mrs. Susan Bretscher
  • Ms. Candace Brown
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Bucci
  • Ms. Melina Bueche
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Buonomo
  • Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J Burns
  • Mr. Eugene W. Burns
  • Mr. William Burtis Jr.
  • Ms. Ginny Cannon
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Ceponis
  • Ms. Lynn Chamberlin
  • Ms Sue Cheevers
  • Ms. Ann M. Cleary
  • Mr. James Conrow
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gary Conroy
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles Constable
  • Mr. Roger Conti
  • Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Creagh
  • Ms. Mary Kay Curley
  • Ms. Norma Cushner
  • Ms. Christine Czefiniak
  • Mr. & Mrs. John W. Dancesia
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Davis
  • Ms. Lisa Decker
  • Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Denham
  • Ms. Shelley Deuel
  • Mr. Howard Dillingham
  • Ms. Mary Lou Divis
  • Mr. Paul R. Driscoll
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Durham
  • Ms. Joan Eisch
  • Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Esworthy
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Faciszewski
  • Mr. Richard Fassold
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Feduke
  • Ms. Carol Finch
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Finch
  • Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Fives
  • Mr. Gene Flint
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ray Frederick
  • Ms. Helena Garan
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Garrison
  • Ms. Laurie Gleasman-Hulbert
  • Mr. Andrew J. Gronski
  • Ms. Lori Grumet Schapiro
  • Ms. Rebecca Hancock
  • Ms. Kathleen Hannon
  • Mr. Harold Harrington
  • Mr. & Ms. Robert Hauser
  • Ms. Rose Hawkes
  • Ms. Lori Holland
  • Mr. George Homsy
  • Ms. Agnes Horney
  • Ms. Karen Huff
  • Ms. Andrea Hurley
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Irving
  • Ms. Carol Jackson
  • Ms. Carolyn Jadwin
  • Mr. Joseph James
  • Ms. Barbara Jaworski
  • Ms. Diane Julian
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Kane
  • Mr. Robert Kematick
  • Ms. Maria Kirk
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kitchen
  • Ms. Jacquelyn Klees
  • Mr. & Mrs. Barry M. Koffman
  • Ms. Patrice L L. Kofira
  • Ms. Susan W. Kost
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joe Kulesza
  • Ms. Phyllis LaBarge
  • Mr. Dave Lang
  • Ms. Ellen Lasoff
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  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Lesko
  • Ms. Madeline Lessler
  • Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Limer
  • Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Limer
  • Mr. & Mrs. John R. Lindley
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  • Ms. Mary H MacGuire
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Maher
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  • Ms. Barbara Maslak
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  • Ms. Nola Urdanick
  • Ms. Debra A. Vallese
  • Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Van Gorder
  • Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. VanDick
  • Mr. Michael R. Vaseleck
  • Ms. Patricia Waker
  • Ms. Carolyn Walker
  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael Washington
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jim Weber
  • Mr. & Mrs. Paul Weckel
  • Ms. Fran Weingartner
  • Father Jon Werner
  • Mr. Earl Westerlund
  • Ms. Diane D. Wheeler-Busch
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Woidt Jr.
  • Ms. Mary Ann Wolpert
  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Wolyniak
  • Mr. Joe Yezzi
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mark Young
  • Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth C. Zunic

Board of Directors

  • Carl J. Speicher, President
  • Jim Silkworth, Vice President
  • Rosemary Mirabito, Secretary (through 9/22)
  • Sue Bretscher, Secretary (10/22 – present)
  • Mario DiFulvio, Treasurer

Executive Director

  • Lori Accardi

Corporate Board Members

  • Mark Liscia
  • Rosemary Mirabito (through 9/22)
  • Jim Silkworth (10/22- present)
  • Carl J. Speicher


  • Diana Castellanos
  • Erin Cody
  • Tom Crandell
  • Sally Elliott
  • Maria Kirk
  • Mark Liscia
  • Kevin McKeown
  • Elaine Miller
  • Jeff Mirabito
  • David Nirchi
  • Dr. John Perry
  • Mary Roper
  • Brian Schmidt
  • Gerardo Tagliaferri
  • Jim Walsh

Board Members Emeritus

  • George Hays
  • Dennis Sheehan

Ex–Officio Members

  • Mike Melara

In Memory

  • Charlie Barrett
  • Rev. Gerald Buckley
  • Jack Gosney
  • Samuel Iwobi
  • Robert McDevitt, KSG
  • Mary Normile
  • Dr. John Spring
  • Rocco J. Testani Sr.
  • Mildred Truesdell