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Mental Health Services

ACT Team (Assertive Community Treatment)

Program: For Adults with Serious Mental Illness (SMI). A multi-disciplinary team provides psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation to support recovery, wellness management, employment, housing and social needs. The service is targeted to adults with serious mental illness and long term or frequent hospitalizations who require significant community support.

Available to: Adults with SMI who require community support and have not had success with other treatment models.

Contact: 723-9991

Protective Services for Adults

Program: Protective Services for Adults (PSA) is a system of services aimed at maintaining individuals in the community, and prevention of neglect, exploitation and abuse.

Available to: Adults 18 and older with a disability, requiring protection from harm. Referrals are made through the Department of Social Services, 778-2635.

Contact: 584-5305


Program: These services are designed to advocate for individuals and systems by representing concerns involving rights, grievances and complaints. Advocacy and support is provided in completing referrals for counseling, housing, heat and energy services and entitlements. Consumer Advocates are Peer Staff who work within Stepping Stone Drop In and Four Seasons Social Club. Advocates look to identify systemic patterns of problems and complaints and work to resolve or eliminate such problems through participation on community committees and involvement in local and state advocacy groups.

Available to: Individuals with a mental health diagnosis.

Contact: (607) 773-3204 or (607) 773-1184