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Peer Driven Programs

Four Seasons Club

Program: The Four Seasons Social Club is a peer driven program that provides a safe environment for individuals to socialize with others while focusing on recovery through community inclusion.
The Club is a place for individuals to live and learn new life skills related to daily living, volunteerism and employment. Member input and participation is the mission of Four Seasons. The heart of the Four Seasons club is the members and the strength and potential that each contributes.
Through time, friendships are fostered and members learn how supporting one-another can make a difference on the overall wellness and well-being of others. Open Monday-Friday, 8:30am-3:00pm.

Eligibility: Adults 18 and older with a psychiatric disability

Contact: 773-1184

Stepping Stone Drop in Center

Program: Stepping Stone is a safe, unstructured program for people with mental illness who choose not to participate in programs with requirements for attendance and participation. This setting provides a low demand environment appealing to individuals who have not been comfortable participating in other mental health programs. The only requirement for participation is self‐report of mental illness. Drop In provides opportunities for social interaction with peers and support from all peer staff. Program staff provide self‐help groups and one on one support for individuals who choose the option of a less structured and supportive environment and also engage in community projects and outings. Lunch is provided daily which may be the main meal of the day for participants. The Drop In is open Monday through Thursday, 9:30am-2:00pm.

Available to: Individuals with a mental health diagnosis.

Contact: 773-3204

Peer Support Institute

Catholic Charities of Broome County has developed a Peer Support Institute. 

This program is FREE, and open to anyone who has lived mental health experience and who has an interest in gaining the skills desired to become a peer support staff and advocate.

Peer support specialists are able to offer a unique understanding as they have walked the path of recovery themselves. They strive to empower others to achieve their hopes, dreams, and goals, and connect with them in a personal recovery journey. Peer Specialists hold valuable positions within an agency but currently there is a lack of qualified and skilled individuals in the field of Behavioral Health.

Training and support is provided by Peer Support Specialists that have the experience and knowledge of the Academy of Peer Services curriculum and coursework.  Individuals can either participate in person or online depending on his/her/their comfort level. 

Should you have any questions or would like to hear more about this program , please contact the Peer Support Institute at (607) 723-1804, and request to speak with Kimberly DeSantis-Johns.