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Emerging Stronger Than Ever

2023 Catholic Charities of Broome County Annual Report

Our Mission

The Mission of Catholic Charities of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse is to empower people in need to transform their lives. We strive to reflect God’s love and compassion in all that we do.




Letter from the Director

Dear Community Members,

I am pleased to present our 2023 Annual Report. As we worked on putting this together, I couldn’t help but think of the fact that this will be my last one! After 44 years of work at Catholic Charities, I have decided to transition to the next phase of life with more leisure and time with loved ones. 

From an agency of 60 staff and an operating budget of $1 million, we have grown to a workforce of 380 and a budget of $22 million. Over the past decades, I have been privileged to witness the evolution of service systems for those with mental illness, intellectual/developmental disabilities and family and youth programming. The positive changes have included incorporating persons with lived experience as part of our workforce, which has enriched our agency immensely. The future holds opportunities and promise for people of all abilities as we continue in our pursuit to assure that everyone in our community has the basic necessities and support to achieve the life of their dreams. Our efforts continue to help the poor bridge and move out of poverty. We are “Emerging Stronger Than Ever” after several years of experiencing the impact of COVID 19. This included not only the challenges of a world wide pandemic but also new ways of delivering services including telehealth, meetings by zoom and ways to access support remotely. 

As I take my leave, I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of the wonderful family of Catholic Charities and to see the next generation of leaders take hold in preparation for new adventures in servant leadership and ministry to the poor. I give thanks for all that has been accomplished in the past year and look forward to new and great developments for the future. I appreciate all who have been a part of the mission: our staff, volunteers, board members, donors, funders and supporters. For the honor of serving those who have turned to us in their hour of need, I will be eternally grateful.

Lori Accardi
Executive Director





On the morning of the Centennial Mass Celebration at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, we lost a great leader and voice for the poor in the passing of Monsignor Charles Fahey. First directed to become the Assistant and then Director for Catholic Charities in the Syracuse diocese, Msgr. Fahey nurtured an organization that provided foster care and some elderly services into a decentralized organization serving Central NY. From the creation of 5 diocesan nursing homes in the Syracuse area and Christopher Community Services, he moved to a 30 year long career in aging services where he served on the Federal Council on Aging during the terms of Presidents Nixon, Ford and Carter. His signature statement as he closed each meeting that he presided over was: “Peace and all good things,” a legacy that he left for all of us. 



News from the Diocese

Celebrating 100 Years of Service

On November 5, 2023, Catholic Charities of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse NY concluded its yearlong celebration of 100 years of service to the poor by holding a special Mass celebrated by Bishop Douglas Lucia at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Syracuse. The Mass was attended by agency leadership, staff and Board members of the six Area Offices and honored the work of Catholic Charities for the past 100 years. A reception was held at the gathering place in the Cathedral where a special program was presented and local legislators spoke about the great work that has been done over the years. It is especially poignant to note that a revered leader of Catholic Charities, Msg. Charles Fahey, passed away the morning of the celebration at the age of 90. 



2023 Year in review


We celebrated 40 years at the Four Seasons Club.

On May 18, the Four Seasons Club celebrated its 40th anniversary with a party which included Four Seasons staff and members, Harvey Rosenthal and staff of Alliance for Rights and Recovery, Jason Garner, County Executive as well as agency staff. Speakers reminisced on the many memorable Club events and important ways it has impacted its members and staff over the years. A series of photos taken over the years was on display for everyone’s viewing pleasure. The Club continues to be that place where members can belong and when they are not there, they will be missed. It was commented that the feeling of love in the room was very strong.

We reunited at our first in-person picnic in years.

After several years of holding virtual agency staff picnics, we were able to gather in person to celebrate the coming summer days. While our plans to get together at Otsiningo Park were scuttled by a rain downpour, St. Vincent’s graciously hosted us inside at their parish hall at the last minute and saved the day!

We shut out hunger at Baseball Bingo.

On July 23, Catholic Charities presented an event, Baseball Bingo, in conjunction with the Rumble Ponies. Part of promoting this event included a commercial filmed at our Four Seasons Club. Volunteers of the food pantries assisted at the game where attendees were able to play bingo based on ball game happenings. Total cash prizes made available were $5,000. The event raised over $8,000 to support our pantries. 

We finalized a pension buyout to strengthen 401k plans.

During 2023, after almost 20 years of being frozen, we were able to terminate our Defined Benefit Pension Plan and to pay out or arrange for annuities for over 200 staff who were participants. This removed a significant liability to the agency and will allow resources to be rededicated to the 401K pension plan.

We launched the Love, Hope and Service Society to support future generations.

In 2023, we announced the establishment of the Love, Hope and Service Society. The LHS Society enables people to leave a piece of themselves in this world as a way to provide a message of love, hope and service to future generations. Providing for Catholic Charities in your will through a bequest, donating through your IRA and its Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) or through stock donations are all ways to help. Find out more information by visiting our Planned Giving website at



Employee Recognition

We Congratulate Our 2023 MVPs (Mission Valued Peers)

In 2023, Catholic Charities of Broome County was excited to implement a new Employee Engagement Committee. Taking the Diocese of Syracuse’s Code of Ethics as a guide, a group of 10-12 CCBC employees meets monthly to develop ways to promote a positive workplace culture and to help the workforce connect more deeply with our mission. One recent committee initiative is a newsletter, Charities Chatter, where divisions can share program news and the agency can recognize employee milestones. The Committee looks forward to seeing the results of its brainstorming sessions in 2024. 

Carol Crimmins: Administration Division’s Mission Valued Peer

This MVP works determinedly to accomplish all that needs to be done. She is always helpful to others, whether it be her peers or agency staff that call with complex questions regarding their compensation. She consistently demonstrates her skill of managing multiple projects at once while processing the relentless “show must go on” duty of biweekly payrolls. All of her work is done with a smile and a confident attitude.

Michelle Dow: Youth, Family & Community Division’s Mission Valued Peer

This MVP works tirelessly each and every day to meet the needs of those in our community and does so with grace despite whatever curveballs may be thrown her way. She has built and maintains relationships with the members of our community; that are sometimes put to the test when we are calling on others to help us serve. She has never hesitated in seeking assistance from and collaborating with others when we find ourselves in need, and because of her dedication, positivity and ability to empower others, she is seldom (if ever) told no. She has been a large part of Catholic Charities for the past 17 years, and has a wealth of knowledge about the community, its program offerings, its people, and how we can all work to best help others, and does not hesitate to share her knowledge with others. She has the unique ability to make people feel as though they matter despite whatever their situation may be and consistently goes above and beyond to do so. The strength and resilience that she shows each day as she provides services to our clients, staff, and community is admirable and her desire to always empower others to help eliminate poverty and injustice is something that many people look up to her for. She prioritizes the needs of those she serves before her own, and ensures a compassionate atmosphere that is welcomed by both those who seek assistance at the pantry and the volunteers that also give their time selflessly each day. She is truly an outstanding staff member who puts forth her very best effort in whatever is asked of her, and fully exemplifies what it means to be a Mission Valued Peer.

Theresa Jones: Residential Division’s Mission Valued Peer

This MVP is dependable and will often flex her schedule to accommodate the needs of the program. She also makes herself available to other sites whenever they need help. She is always cheerful and will do anything to make the Resident’s lives better. She always strives to find awesome, affordable activities for the ladies at the IRA to do. She has been a valuable part of the Firth Street IRA Team for the past 13 years, and an asset to the Residential Division. She is incredible!

Bonnie Kacmar: Community Health Services Division’s Mission Valued Peer

This MVP is kind and helps others in the office when we have questions. She is a hard worker, goes the extra mile for both Clients and Staff and has been an integral part of the PSA Team for almost ten years. In her role as rep-payee counselor, she often is faced with situations that are not only difficult but also the outcomes often determine if a client’s basic needs are met. She manages these situation with ease, professionalism but more importantly, a heart filled with compassion, that she displays on a daily basis. This is one of the many reasons why her clients and her coworkers hold her in such high regard and value her contributions to both the client’s lives and the PSA team as a whole. She works tirelessly to improve every difficult situation and her tenacity as an advocate has earned the respect of her clients and has crowned her as the unofficial matriarch of the PSA team. Her work is impeccable and is the standard that all payees in the PSA program are held to. Through her years of service in our program, she has mentored numerous staff members on both the technicalities of the job as well as on a personal level. She is so much more than a Rep Payee counselor for our agency. She is a valued and consistent coworker, but more importantly she is a friend to all of us. Having her with us makes all of us better and she is part of the glue that hold the PSA team together.

The ICF Staff: Team-MVP Award

This outstanding Team went above and beyond to provide services this year despite multiple challenges. Coming in early and working extra shifts became a normal occurrence for this team, and they did whatever they could to make sure the Residents were cared for. This Team worked tirelessly this year to provide direct care, plan outings and treat everyone who lived at the residence with the upmost respect. They worked very hard to be the best advocates, care givers and role models to the Residents, all while enduring staffing shortages and working continuously to make improvements within the site. Despite it all, this Team managed to give the best of themselves to the ICF and the special people that lived there.



Residential Services

Residential Services

Our Residential Services stabilize and empower participants to ensure their recovery and long-term wellness. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Individualized residential services designed to meet the unique clinical and daily living needs of individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Housing levels (transitional to permanent) assisting adults with mental illness in successful community integration
  • assistance obtaining & furnishing an apartment
  • rental assistance
  • support and advocacy with landlords

For more information about Residential Services, call 723-1804 or visit


Notable Highlights from 2023

  • After 32 years of service, Our Lady of Hope House ICF closed after successfully placing its 12 individuals.
  • One of our IRA individuals starred in the leading role with ACHIEVE’s play, The Grinch and was interviewed for his outstanding performance.
  • Our Certified Apartments increased capacity to 44 (showing steady increase in occupancy in over 1 ½ years).
  • Supported Housing had 98% occupancy at the end of the year.


Program Spotlight: Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA)

What’s an IRA?

Individualized Residential Alternatives (or IRAs) are small residences that house 3-5 individuals and provide staff support in residential habilitation. They’re designed to encourage skill development, community integration and independence of children and adults with Intellectual/Developmental disabilities. The staff support residents by teaching skills such as:

  • self administration of medication;
  • socialization and communication;
  • functional skills;
  • self advocacy;
  • behavior skills;
  • motor skills;
  • and skill development for vocational or educational activities;

The main goal is to assist individuals in living full lives. We want to give them all the tools and the toolbox they need to meet their wants and needs.

Personalized Assistance

The key to this program’s success is building relationships and taking the time to build a connection with each individual. Eileen Mallon (IRA Supervisor) says, “We try to incorporate whatever each individual’s interests are.” Whether it’s getting involved with Special Olympics, going horseback riding, or writing books, each individual is encouraged to pursue their passion.

Get Involved!

As a community, there are many opportunities to get involved. We encourage local companies to welcome individuals inside their business for job skill training and/or hiring. We’ve had residents do wonderful work filling drinks and bussing tables at restaurants, bagging groceries, and more! As Eileen emphasizes, “we’re all people and we all deserve to be included in the community.”



Youth, Family, Community Services

Youth, Family, Community Services

Our Youth, Family, Community Services create opportunities and conditions in youth, families, communities and parishes which ensure the health, welfare and productivity of all. Some of the services we offer include:

  • basic necessities of food and clothing
  • long-term and short-term counseling to individuals, couples and families
  • aid in preventing onset or progression of behavioral health conditions
  • apartments for homeless/runaway youth, with supports to transition successfully to adulthood
  • senior programs for managing arthritis, osteoporosis and chronic disease
  • peer advocates with lived-experience

For more information about Youth, Family, Community Services, call 584-7800 or visit


In 2023, our food pantries served:

  • 846,525 Meals
  • 16,888 Households
  • 42% Children
  • 7% Seniors


Program Spotlight: Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (R.S.V.P.)

What is R.S.V.P.?

The Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (R.S.V.P.) matches the personal interests and skills of older Americans with volunteer opportunities to serve their communities. R.S.V.P. also offers exercise programs and a telephone reassurance program called “Good Morning Broome.” Volunteers in this program make calls to Catholic Charities clients who are homebound. The goal is to reduce isolation and also make sure that they’re safe. 

In Conversation with Our Volunteers

What led you to join the R.S.V.P. program?

“Mostly during the pandemic, I was isolated... And I kept reading a lot of articles about isolation and socialization. And I thought, now that I’m retired, I can call people and talk to them on the phone, and just to say hello, or to make sure they’re safe... I just enjoy talking to them and learning all about their lives. We talk, we become friends. It’s very rewarding to me. And I think it’s really meaningful for the people I call, the clients I talk to.”

What does a typical volunteer shift look like for you?

“I usually have phone calls Monday through Friday, one week a month. And during that time I make phone calls from eight in the morning till 10 o’clock. Usually, I usually have about eight people I call, they’re always the same people so that I end up having a good relationship with them.”

Are there any stories that stick out to you?

“I have a woman that I talk to, one of the clients, and whenever we finish talking, she always says, ‘Can I share with you the giggle of the day?’ So I say ‘Sure, yes, I would love to hear it.’ And she usually tells me a joke. And then we laugh about it. It’s a wonderful way to end our conversation. She’s so funny. And I laugh and I think everybody needs to laugh in the morning early. It’s a good way to wake up.”

Interested in Volunteering?

Adults ages 55+ can contact R.S.V.P. of Broome County by calling our Project Director, Deb Kerins, at (607) 729-9166 or completing an application at



Community Health Services

Community Health Services

Every day our care managers are in the local community reaching out and assisting our members in unique and individual ways. They show amazing patience, kindness and concern for meeting the needs of those who struggle to live with a mental illness and/or severe chronic medical conditions and do so with few resources. They are making an impact every day through the relationships they have developed and trust they build helping to motivate others to grow and seek a healthier life.

Each year the care management program also hosts a Health Fair at our 290 Front street location bringing health care vendors on site to educate and promote healthy living.

Our staff also willingly sponsor a special Thanksgiving dinner for all Health Home members as well as transport them to the event, serve and clean up. This is an inspiring event to participate in and we are fortunate to be able to provide such a special time for staff and members.

For more information about Community Health Services, call 723-9991 or visit


Our Mental Health Services provide supportive environments which enhance the development of independent living skills. Some of the services we offer include:

  • home visits and medication monitoring
  • peer support groups
  • support to obtain and sustain integrated, competitive employment 
  • assistance with budgeting, money management, and payment of bills
  • social, wellness, and educational activities

For more information about Mental Health Services, visit


Notable Highlights from 2023

  • The Four Seasons Club celebrated its 40th anniversary
  • Protective Services for Adults and Rep Payee Services piloted a change from issuing paper checks to use of VISA debit cards. 64 individuals have transitioned to cards to date. This is a model program for the rest of the state and other counties are already inquiring about the program and how to implement. Although challenging at first, most PSA individuals on the visa debit cards are enjoying the ease and flexibility the program offers them andSave & Close feel they fit in better with society’s way of doing business.
  • Peer Partnership with BCPL: Interest from the community and utilization of the program from patrons, many whom are homeless, continues to grow. The partnership was presented at the annual NY Library Association Conference in November as this program remains as the only one of its kind in the state.  Local businesses and restaurants support the effort through sending over meals and donating personal care items.


Program Spotlight: Adult Care Management

Program Overview

Adult Care Management assists individuals in their recovery journey, utilizing person centered practices and best practice health promotion services. Our Care Managers oversee and coordinate access to needed services, ensuring that all needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner. 

Caring Relationships that Help Heal

Jesse started his care management services on an Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) Order in July 2022. Our Care Manager was required to meet with him 4 times a month for a year. During that time he focused on his mental health. The Care Manager assisted him with getting to appointments both mental and physical and also helped Jesse become independent.

Jesse initially resided at Transitional Living Residence at Greater Binghamton Health Center, but he is now living by himself with housing supports through Catholic Charities.

Being mentally healthy, he was able to complete his AOT Order in a year, make friends for the first time, and take free computer classes online. His relationship with his family members grew stronger. He feels he has his family’s support and even visits them regularly. He recently returned from Columbia, South America where he spent 2 weeks going to classes and making friends with people all over the world.

Jesse’s father made a point to personally thank the Care Manager. He’s grateful that due to her and the care management services, his son is mentally healthy for the first time as an adult. 

Jesse understands that by continuing taking his medication, he will continue to be mentally healthy and happy living independently with real friends. Jesse has a driver’s license and is working towards getting a vehicle and obtaining employment.

Program Spotlight: Stepping Stone Drop-In Center

Creating a Safe Space

The Stepping Stone Drop-In Center acts as a safe, low-demand environment for people with self-reported mental illness. The program appeals to individuals who have not been comfortable participating in other mental health programs with requirements for attendance and participation. 

The Drop-In Center provides opportunities for social interaction with peers and support from Peer Specialists, including self‐help groups, one-on-one support, and also community projects and outings. 

The trained and certified Peer Specialists have lived mental health experience and are key to making people feel comfortable. One of our Peer Specialists, Seane Bennett, explains “As peers, we don’t tell people what to do. And we don’t give them advice, but we can tell them what we did in a certain situation that might mirror their own situation.” Knowing they have been through something similar helps people to open up. However, there’s never an expectation to do so – anyone is free to come in and watch TV or have a bite to eat. It’s all about giving people a place to go.

What Does a Typical Day Look Like?

Brandan Campbell (Peer Specialist and Drop-In Supervisor) says, “Any day can be different. We can have a very quiet day where only a couple people will come in, or we can have a day where we hit 20, maybe 30 people. There could be days where nobody needs help... Or there could be a day where somebody walks in and they just got evicted. There’s just no typical day.”



Total Revenue = $23,890,934 (40% Medicaid, 39% Government Support, 8% Other, 6% Program Fees, 5% Contributions/Fundraising, 1% United Way, 1% Diocesan); Total Expenses = $23,707,640 (50% Salaries, 16% Fringe Benefits, 10% Management, 8% Professional Fees
$86,000 was raised through the Harvest for Hunger campaign with the help of the WBNG two-night telethon and Wegmans Cash Register Drive. 3,200 turkeys were given over the holidays through baskets and local dinners with the help of our parish partners and

Looking Ahead: A Season of Change


Changing of the Guard

In 2024, there will be a changing of the guard as current CEO Lori Accardi transitions into retirement after 44 years and Tonya Brown, currently Deputy Director, assumes a new role as Executive Director. Lori has spent her career at Catholic Charities focusing initially on building a community support system for mentally ill adults and program development across a variety of human services systems while developing agency structures to help respond to the variety of community needs presented. She has been active at the state level in chairing the Regulations Committee of the Mental Health Services Council as well as leading the Behavioral Health Committee for the NYS Catholic Conference. 

Tonya initially joined the agency in a role designed to coordinate children’s services systems in Broome County while promoting the role of parents and the family for children at risk of foster care and psychiatric hospitalization. She has spent the last 15 years in the Deputy Director role and has led a variety of operations initiatives in the areas of children’s services while developing administrative structures to allow Catholic Charities to continue to grow and meet the ever changing needs of people in our community. 

Relocating and Expanding

Other planned happenings in 2024 will include the relocation of two of our Individualized Residential Alternative homes to the former Intermediate Care Facility (ICF), Our Lady of Hope, which closed in December of 2023 due to a staffing shortage. This will allow for individuals to move to a barrier free, more spacious facility. The Assertive Community Treatment Team is also applying to expand from a 68 slot team to 100 in order to build in a step down level of care. 

New Opportunities

The agency has a bright future which will include participation in the new 1115 waiver that will provide funding for current and new services for Medicaid recipients, exploration of how new technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help enhance services and continued pursuit of new ways to support staff and the thousands of people who turn to Catholic Charities each year in their time of need.




With thanks to our Donors

Through your generosity, you made a difference in the lives of people of all ages in our community. Children living in poverty and seniors isolated by physical challenges, families suffering from economic circumstances such as job loss and illness, people with special needs such as mental illness and developmental disabilities – all benefited because you cared enough to share your time, talent and treasure.

Business & Organization Donations


  • Church of the Holy Family
  • Heritage Campaign Inc.
  • Tioga Downs Regional Community Foundation
  • Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.


  • BAE Systems
  • Security Mutual Life Insurance Company of NY
  • St. Ambrose Church
  • St. Joseph’s Church


  • Endicott Elks Lodge 1977
  • Excellus Health Plan, Inc.
  • First Presbyterian Church of Endicott, Inc.
  • Johnson City Elks 2821
  • M&T Charitable Foundation
  • Mirabito Energy Products
  • State Employees Federated Appeal
  • Teddy’s Invitational Tournament
  • United Way of Broome County
  • Walsh Foundation


  • Ancient Order of Hibernians
  • Binghamton West LLC
  • Bridgeware Systems, Inc.
  • Broome County LAOH Junior Division
  • Catholic Charities of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse
  • Centene Corporation
  • Chemung Canal Trust Company
  • Dunkin Joy In Childhood Foundation Inc
  • Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
  • Greater Binghamton Association of Realtors, Inc.
  • IBM Employee Services Center
  • Knights of Columbus No 206
  • Moyer Giving Fund
  • Ogden Hillcrest United Methodist Church
  • Studer’s Body Shop & Garage
  • Tioga Downs Racetrack, LLC


  • Air Temp Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
  • AJQ Sports Management & Marketing
  • Benevity Community Impact Fund
  • Davidson, Fox & Company, LLP
  • Gorick Construction Company, Inc.
  • Hibernian Parade Committee of Broome, Inc.
  • Hinman, Howard & Kattell
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Rogers Service Group
  • Scoville-Meno Auto Plaza
  • Servpro Of Broome County
  • Slavik & Company, Inc.
  • St. James Church
  • Triple Cities Street Rods
  • Visions Federal Credit Union


  • Binghamton Breakfast Rotary Foundation
  • CAF America
  • IBM Retiree Charitable Campaign
  • Most Holy Rosary Church
  • United Methodist Women


  • Benedictine Sisters of Transfiguration Monastery
  • Catholic Schools of Broome County
  • Givio Charitable
  • Jacob and Rose Olum Foundation
  • Lockheed Martin- CAF Cybergrant
  • Nocturnal Adoration Society
  • St. Francis Secular Fraternity
  • The Blackbaud Giving Fund/ YourCause
  • Tioga State Bank
  • United Way Of The Southern Tier
  • Woman’s Club of Endicott, New York


  • Amazon Smile
  • Charity On Top Foundation, Inc.
  • Cornerstone Community Church
  • Czechoslovak Moravian Club, Inc.
  • Del Lago Resort & Casino
  • Humana
  • SEFA- Cortland County
  • United Way of Central New York
  • United Way of Tompkins Count

Individual Donations


  • Estate of William J Hromek


  • Mr. & Mrs. Sally Elliott
  • Shriber, Harvey & Elizabeth Prior Charitable Foundation


  • Mr. & Mrs. Jim C. Walsh


  • Mr. William H. Cornell
  • Mr. John Ingalls
  • Mr. Mark Liscia
  • Mr. Jim Rollo
  • Mrs. Kathleen Telfer


  • Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Berchtold
  • Mr. Mark Bowman
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Boyea
  • Mrs. Susan Bretscher
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Broden
  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cerretani
  • Ms. Mary Frances Charsky
  • Ms. Mary Ann Coccetti & Ms. Suzanne Gallagher
  • Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Collart
  • Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dell’Aquila
  • Ms. Kayla Ferraro
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jim Franz
  • Mr. J. Richard Hartigan
  • Mr. Curtis Hartwig
  • Mr. John Henehan
  • Ms. Janet Kerstetter
  • Ms. Mary MacGuire
  • Ms. Illene Marshall
  • Ms. Mary Ellen McGory
  • Mr. John McHale
  • Mr. & Mrs. Alex Mirabito
  • Nestor & Nestor
  • Mr. Robert Parmelee
  • Ms. Josephine Scanlon
  • Mr. Carl Speicher
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Sweeney
  • Ms. Elizabeth Sweeney Akel
  • Mr. Joseph Trepa
  • Ms. Faye Utyro
  • Ms. Mary E. Bricker, Exec
  • Ms. Christine Zick


  • Anonymous
  • Ms. Patricia Boehlert
  • Mrs. Kathryn Booth
  • Ms. Janet Bordages
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brown
  • Mr. Mark Buza
  • Ms. Sue Cheevers
  • Ms. Kathy Crandall
  • Mr. Joseph Donahue
  • Ms. Virginia Freedman
  • Mr. Richard Gasparovic
  • Dr. Francis & Mrs Joyce Gilroy
  • Ms. Anne Healy
  • Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hoke
  • Mr. & Mrs.  Joseph Kilmer
  • Ms. Virginia Kronk
  • Mr. Timothy Minehan
  • Ms. Janet Muhich
  • Ms. Denise Orzel
  • Mrs. & Mr. Kathy Pfaffenbach
  • Rev. John Putano
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Slavik
  • Ms. Dorothea Smith
  • Mr. James Snashall
  • Ms. Kathleen Talbot
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Vienneau


  • Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Accardi
  • Ms. Mary Bentlage
  • Ms. Candace Brown
  • Ms. Raylene Byce
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cargill
  • Ms. Mary Ann Connor
  • Ms. Marie Davenport
  • Ms. Susan Doris
  • Mr. Owen Fitzgerald
  • Mr. August Garufy
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gomulka
  • Ms. Maria Kirk
  • Mr. & Mrs. Barry Koffman
  • Ms. Patricia Krizan
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Manning
  • Mr. & Mrs. William Marsh
  • Mr. Joseph Matishan
  • Mr. Curtis Mills
  • Ms. Yvonne Oliveira
  • Ms. Pancoast and Ms. Welch
  • Ms. Margaret Scherer
  • Mr. James Showalter
  • Mr. Vincent Stracuzzi
  • Ms. Carol Thayne
  • Ms. Carole Wesko
  • Ms. Rachel Zandt


  • Ms. Darcy Accardi
  • Deacon Adeolu Ademoyo
  • Mr. & Mrs. Louis Alfonsetti
  • Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Allen
  • Mr. Robert Archer
  • Mr. Robert Austenfield
  • Mr. Ronald Babcock
  • Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Baker
  • Ms. Andrea Barbis
  • Mr. William Barrett
  • Ms. Marilena Benko
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mike Benko
  • Ms. Judith Boland
  • Ms. Rose Bownsing
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gary Boyce
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Brady
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bucci
  • Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Buchinski
  • Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Buchman
  • Mr. Eugene Burns
  • Ms. Catherine Byrne
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ceponis
  • Mr. Jeff Chandler
  • Ms. Ann Cleary
  • Ms. Erin Cody
  • Mr. & Mrs. Roger Congdon
  • Mr. James Conrow
  • Mr. & Mrs. Allen Costello
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Coughlin
  • Ms. Candace Cunningham
  • Ms. Melanie Dalgliesh
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles DeGregorio
  • Mrs. Mary Diegert
  • Ms. Anne DiPaolo
  • Mr. & Mrs. Donahue
  • Mr. Paul Driscoll
  • Mr. Phillip Eiche
  • Mr. Peter Eiskant
  • Ms. Corinne Farrell
  • Mr. Richard Fassold
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Feduke
  • Ms. Giulia Finsel
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gene Flint
  • Ms. Angie Fox
  • Mr. John Frazier & Ms. Norah Henry
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Garrison
  • Ms. Jean Gasper
  • Mr. Keith Goodenough
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Graham
  • Mr. & Mrs. Alan Greene
  • Mr. Paul Gursky
  • Mr. & Mrs. David Guy
  • Mr. Jeffrey Hallcok
  • Ms. Rebecca Hancock
  • Mr. Robert Hancsch
  • Mr. Daniel Harenzza
  • Mr. Robert Hauser & Ms. Sandra Scherer
  • Mr. George Hays
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Horbey
  • Ms. Karen Huff
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Hussar
  • Ms. Susan Ignaciuk Mencel
  • Mr. & Mrs. William Inman
  • Ms. Carolyn Jadwin
  • Ms. Barbara Jaworski
  • Ms. Diane Julian
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kane
  • Mr. Robert Kematick
  • Mr. Michael Kenien
  • Mr. & Mrs. Carter King
  • Mr. Brian Kromhout
  • Mr. Robert Krummenacker
  • Mr. William Lane
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lesko
  • Mr. Harold Lewis
  • Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lorman
  • Ms. Sheila Madigan
  • Mr. James Maguire
  • Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Marean
  • Ms. Mary Marrer
  • Ms. Rozannah Martone
  • Ms. Barbara Maslak
  • Ms. Judith Matthews
  • Mr. & Mrs. David Mauro
  • Mr. David Maxim
  • Mr. Dennis McCabe & Ms. Sandra Distin
  • Mr. Eugene McCants
  • Ms. Maria McCarthy
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert McCarthy
  • Mrs. Cheryl McDermott
  • Ms. Marilynn McGowan
  • Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McManus
  • Mr. & Mrs. William Michl
  • Ms. Joy Miller
  • Ms. Melissa Moon
  • Ms. Katherine Muggeo
  • Ms. Dorene Neer
  • Ms. Patricia Newland
  • Ms. Patricia Noel
  • Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O’Brien
  • Mrs. Bernadette O’Hara
  • Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Oven
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Pecen
  • Ms. Carole Phillips
  • Ms. Cathy Pitcher
  • Mr. Adam Planck
  • Mr. Joe Pollara
  • Ms. Carol Pothier
  • Mr. Charles Quinn
  • Mr. & Mrs. Harold Rahner
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jack Rappaport
  • Ms. Virginia Redmon
  • Mr. Donald Reino
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Riesbeck
  • Ms. Anne Riley
  • Mr. & Mrs. Luis Roberto
  • Ms. Carol Roote
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Ryan
  • Ms. Deena Serebrani
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  • Ms. Mary Ann Smilnak
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  • Ms. Kathleen Sofka
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  • Mr. Kevin Spanfelner
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jim Summerlee
  • Mr. Erick Swinarski
  • Ms. Kathleen Tait
  • Ms. Cheryl Tomeo
  • Ms. Nola Urdanick
  • Ms. Ann VanSavage
  • Ms. Carolyn Walker
  • Ms. Marian  Wanielista
  • Mr. & Mrs. Paul Weckel
  • Ms. Beverly Welsh
  • Ms. Maryan Wessels
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles Woidt
  • Ms. Mary Wolpert
  • Mr. Kris Yelverton
  • Ms. Annamary Zappia
  • Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Zunic

Please consider Catholic Charities in your estate planning.

Join our Love, Hope and Service Society by including a bequest in your will or through a major gift.

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Board of Directors

  • Jim Silkworth, President
  • Sue Bretscher, Vice President
  • Christopher Roma, Secretary
  • Mario DiFulvio, Treasurer

Executive Director

  • Lori Accardi


  • Diana Castellanos
  • Erin Cody
  • Tom Crandall
  • Sally Elliott
  • Maria Kirk
  • Mark Liscia
  • Elaine Miller
  • Curtis Mills
  • Jeff Mirabito
  • David Nirchi
  • Dr. John Perry
  • Jennifer Redmore
  • Andrea Rotella
  • Mary Roper
  • Brian Schmidt
  • Jerry Tagliaferri
  • Jim Walsh

Board Members Emeritus

  • George Hays
  • Dennis Sheehan

Ex–Officio Members

  • Mike Melara